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How to pay off debt

Take Charge of Your Money
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Debt is stressful

I’ve had debt and I know the feeling. The stress, the despair and the anger towards myself for getting into the mess. Well, that’s over now as I am completely debt free and own a house, car, assets and investments!

How did I do this? Let me show you...

This is based off my own story and experience of dealing with debt. It's a proven method consisting of 8 manageable steps.

You can be debt free! Really!

Written for South Africans and from a local context, I really do understand the real-life pressures and situation you may be in. 

Note - examples used are in South African Rands, but it is applicable to anyone, anywhere.

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How do you pay off debt?

Here are the 8 steps that I will guide you though:

1. Know the full extent of your debt
2. Create and use an effective budget
3. Find extra money that you didn't know you had
4. Stabilise and fix your cash flow
5. Deal with overdue debts
6. Commit to no new debt
7. Start your emergency fund without compromising your debt payments
8. Accelerate your debt payments.

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Is it better to save money or to pay off debt?

Talking about debt after receiving a debt story from one of my readers

Sounds easy enough, so why do I need this?

  • Understand how you ended up where you are.
  • Learn how to get out of debt when you are broke.
  • Make informed decisions on which debt to pay off first.
  • Learn to budget effectively.
  • Learn about debt consolidation and debt review.
  • Improve your cash flow.
  • Assess potential wasteful expenditure.
  • Build an emergency fund.
  • Create your own plan.
  • Learn how to pay off debt faster.
  • Track your progress.

You can also read my debt story to understand more about me and what I dealt with.

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30 Day Money Back Guarantee

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How to pay off debt

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